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Riverside University Health System to deploy FloPatch technology

Riverside University Health System has announced the deployment of Flosonics Medical’s FloPatch medical technology for fluid management in sepsis.

Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the wireless, wearable tool enables real-time precision in intravenous fluid (IV) fluid management in sepsis.

Clinicians can use this point-of-care Doppler ultrasound system for precisely evaluating a patient and determining the most suitable therapeutic intervention.

Riverside University Health System co-sepsis chair, ultrasound director and emergency medicine physician Dr Korbin Haycock said: “FloPatch rapidly provides non-invasive hemodynamic data that helps guide the clinician’s management of complex patients.”

Designed for rapid and dependable evaluations, FloPatch attaches to the patient’s neck over the carotid artery.

The device instantly begins capturing real-time blood flow data for each heartbeat. Later, the data is transmitted wirelessly to a secure iOS app designed for healthcare providers.

This app not only shows real-time Doppler data but also deploys advanced analytics to present key metrics for each heartbeat. It will help implement informed, time-sensitive decisions at the bedside.

Riverside University Health System co-sepsis chair and intensivist Dr Destry Washburn said: “FloPatch will help us better manage sepsis patients as they triage from the ED to ICU because FloPatch travels with the patient.

“This will facilitate better communication between our nurses and clinicians as we continue their fluid resuscitation in the hospital, which will lead to more comprehensive care for our patients.”

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