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Medical Device Network Excellence Awards 2023: Nuova SB System

Based in Milan, Nuova SB System is a provider of Endoscope Reprocessing and Filtration Solutions including Treatment Systems, Disinfection, Purification and Sterilization.

The company is a Category Award Winner for Innovation and Product launches in the 2023 Medical Device Network Excellence Awards for the Launch of new products incorporating monitoring technology in the form of new advanced Water Terminal Filter and Gandy Endoscope Reprocessing complete range.

One of the company’s key innovations during the research period was the incorporation of internet of things (IoT) technology into its Gandy Endoscope Washer system.

In the wake of the COVID pandemic the need to reduce contact points and increase remote monitoring of equipment has become ever more important.

The new Gandy Endoscope Washer with IOT allows healthcare professionals to monitor the cleaning process remotely and in real time, reducing the risk of contamination but also increasing efficiency as equipment can be cleaned and sterilized when needed.

The product also provides data insights and alerts, for instance if hygiene deviates from acceptable standards.

Nuova SB System is also recognized for the incorporation of innovative radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology into its water Terminal Filter.

The filter itself provides ‘absolute’ filtration at points of use such as taps, ensuring that bacteria, such as those that cause Legionnaires disease are safely removed from the water.

RFID technology has been incorporated into the company’s Terminal Filters

Its utility was demonstrated when it played a key role in keeping the Bari Tumor Research and Prevention Institute running when pollution contaminated the local area’s water supply.

The addition of RFID allows for real-time monitoring of the performance and the status of the filter to ensure safety and timely replacement.

The company is also researching ways to detect viruses through the filter, providing an early warning of possible infection.

Company Profile

Nuova SB System is at the forefront of innovation revolutionizing the healthcare industry with cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance patient safety and infection control. Nuova SB System has transformed from a small company into a dynamic force in the healthcare industry. Despite its modest beginnings, the company now boasts an impressive network of over 30 international partners. This rapid growth is a testament to Nuova SB System’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

One of the key factors contributing to Nuova SB System’s success is its strategic approach to manufacturing and safety of patients With four distinct manufacturing sites the company ensures smooth production and maintains resilience, even in the face of challenges like pandemics. These manufacturing facilities are fully validated and quality-confirmed holding ISO and European Standard.

Nuova SB System isn’t content with following industry trends they aim to set them. Our portfolio is adorned with a range of patented technologies for the revolutionary Advanced GANDY Endoscope Washer Disinfector with IoT Integration and POV Filters.These patents not only protect their intellectual property but also emphasize their dedication to pioneering innovative solutions that enhance patient safety and infection control.

Nuova SB System’s Terminal Filter stands out with its RFID integration for real-time monitoring, ensuring top-notch safety and efficiency. It played a pivotal role in safeguarding healthcare services during water network contamination crises and proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic by purifying air and water in reopened facilities.

Nuova SB System has a wide distribution network and is exploring further expansion

Looking forward, Nuova SB System have ambitious plans on the horizon. The top priority is securing FDA approval for the USA market  a significant milestone that will catapult into a new realm of global influence.Concurrently, the company is actively engaged in consolidating partnerships around the world strengthening their position as a leader in healthcare innovation.

A notable project currently in progress at Nuova SB System is the completion of their GANDY Endoscope Reprocessing Line. This comprehensive suite of solutions promises to raise the bar in endoscope care and hygiene. It represents yet another stride in their journey to revolutionize healthcare equipment management.

Nuova SB System’s extraordinary journey from a small startup to a global healthcare innovator is a testament to  unwavering dedication adaptability and commitment to excellence. With a portfolio of patented technologies and some patents awaiting, robust manufacturing capabilities and ambitious expansion plans. Nuova SB System is well on its way to realizing its vision of a safer and more efficient healthcare landscape. Keep an eye on this trailblazing company for more exciting developments on the horizon.

“We’re thrilled to receive this prestigious award a testament to Nuova SB System’s unwavering commitment to advancing patient care. Our AI-enhanced endoscope washer and virus-bacteria removal terminal filter with RFID lead the charge in elevating global healthcare standards. Proudly manufactured in Italy that reflect our dedication to craftsmanship and excellence. Our dedicated team’s expertise has enabled our products to serve worldwide enhancing global healthcare. This recognition motivates us to continue our mission of advancing patient care and raising healthcare standards globally”

Eng. Massimo Alghisi, CEO – Nuova SB System

Contact details

Via M. De Vizzi 90, Cinisello Balsamo, MI 20092,



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