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Medical Device Network Excellence Awards 2023: hemotune

Swiss MedTech company hemotune is a category winner in Research & Development (R&D) and Nanotechnology in the 2023 Medical Device Network Excellence Awards. This prestigious recognition is a result of the company’s pioneering efforts to combat septic shock through an innovative therapeutic approach.

At the core of hemotune’s success is the groundbreaking HemoSystem, a disruptive blood purification platform. This precision method utilizes non-toxic magnetic beads, known as HemoBeads, to remove target compounds such as bacterial toxins, antibodies, and cytokines from the bloodstream. Administered through an extracorporeal circuit resembling a dialysis machine, the HemoBeads leverage antibodies on their surface, that could be adapted for different applications, to target and remove harmful compounds.


The HemoSystem not only boasts ultra-high efficiency but also delivers benefits that surpass those offered by existing conventional blood purification methods and drugs.

hemotune also collaborated with a big Pharmaceutical Company for a joint feasibility project to explore additional applications of the HemoSystem platform.

hemotune’s approach signals a promising stride in addressing septic shock with a comprehensive and precise therapeutic strategy. The fusion of scientific, engineering, and clinical expertise has culminated in a treatment that holds significant promise for enhancing patient care and healthcare systems.

Lukas Langenegger, hemotune’s CEO, expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, “We are honoured to receive the Medical Device Network Excellence Awards for our groundbreaking HemoSystem. This award is a testament to the dedication and innovation of the entire hemotune team, inspiring us to continually push the boundaries of medical technology. We are proud to contribute to healthcare advancement and address critical clinical challenges, such as septic shock, through our HemoSystem platform.”

Company Profile

hemotune is a Swiss MedTech company developing precision medicine multi target blood purification platform based on nanoengineered magnetic beads. The first treatment under development is designed to restore adequate immune function in septic shock, improve patient outcomes, and lower its economic burden. Sepsis is a misguided immune response to infection affecting around 50 million people every year and being one of the main drivers of rising healthcare costs globally.

Through its blood purification platform, it is hemotunes’ mission to enable revolutionary intervention strategies for the most urgent medical needs and making them accessible for the benefit of patients.

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