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Medical Device Network Excellence Awards 2023: Elios Vision

Elios Vision is a US based medical device company and a Category Award Winner for both Innovation and Research and Development in the 2023 Medical Device Network Excellence Awards as it further developed and promoted ELIOS, its ground-breaking laser technology for the treatment of glaucoma.

ELIOS is a minimally invasive system that uses a proprietary high precision, cold Xenon Chloride excimer laser platform to lower eye pressure by creating ten 210µm highly reproducible drainage ‘microchannels’ in the trabecular meshwork.

This system removes the need for stents and implants and is designed to be used at the same time patients undergo cataract removal. Its low surgical intensity allows the ELIOS system to be elegantly combined with routine cataract surgery.

80 million people globally are estimated to suffer from the disease, 80% of those cases are mild to moderate, meaning that they have traditionally been treated with eye drops, a form of treatment that can often be inefficient and produce side effects. The ELIOS system reduces or eliminates the need for such drops, which may improve quality of life.

The company has also been recognized in our Research and Development category not only for the product’s development and deployment, but also for the wealth of research data accumulated.

ELIOS has 8 years of follow-up data, among the longest of any MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) system and is pursuing further trials to add yet more clinical evidence.

The company has enacted a cross-EU, randomised controlled trial comparing ELIOS against the current standard of care. The company is also engaging in a major USA FDA study aimed at generating a license for commercial use, with an outcome expected in 2025.

The ELIOS system is already available in Europe, with many specialist centres offering the treatment. The company’s most recent launches have come in France and the UK.

Company Profile

Elios Vision, Inc. is a private medical device company focused on the commercialization of ELIOS, a proprietary excimer laser treatment for glaucoma.

Their goal is to achieve a leadership position within the glaucoma treatment category with a treatment that is proven safe and effective, ‘implant free’ and highly adoptable by physicians.

The technique is minimally invasive and can be elegantly combined with routine cataract surgery. ELIOS helps address the needs of >80Mn people worldwide affected by glaucoma.

ELIOS is approved for use in EU and is currently undergoing clinical trials for use in the US.

Contact details

Elios Vision Inc,

18565 Jamboree Rd, Suite 530

Irvine, CA 92612

United States

ELIOS Vision GmbH is the EU distributor of ELIOS laser system manufactured by MLase AG, located at 82110 Germering, Industriestr. 17 and the FIDO laser applicator manufactured by WEINERT Fiber Optics GmbH, Mittlere-Motsch-Strasse 26, 96515 Sonneberg, Germany. ELIOS laser system and FIDO laser applicator are CE marked and licensed for use in the EU in adult patients with glaucoma and are currently under investigational use in the US as part of an ongoing IDE study (FDA). Product feedback should be sent to

The ExTra II (laser class 4; brand name ELIOS laser system) is equivalent to ExTra and AIDA devices.


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