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Medical Device Network Excellence Awards 2023: Cydar Medical

Cydar Medical is a Cambridge, UK, based health-technology company whose integrated software solution enables hospitals to access the full potential of AI based clinical applications and data insights. Founded in 2012, the Company is on a mission to advance the quality of care to patients globally. It is dedicated to partnering with healthcare organizations to remove the barriers to delivering cost-effective world class care at scale, whilst directly improving the workflows of clinical teams today. The Company is a category award winner for both Innovation and Product Launches following the introduction of its AI clinical application, Cydar Maps.

Launched at the start of 2022, Cydar Medical’s AI software solution is regulated as a Medical Device (SaMD) and includes the Cydar Maps clinical app. The app is a single, intuitive product that aids surgeons and the clinical team by integrating all aspects of image-guided minimally invasive surgery: from pre-procedure planning and inter-operative guidance through to post-operative review.

Cydar Maps is the first of their AI clinical applications and provides a detailed and adaptable 3D map of a patient’s anatomy based on a CT scan. The map streamlines the clinical workflow and allows for more detailed pre-procedure planning, as well as improved intra-operative guidance during endovascular surgery, as the image is overlayed on the live x-ray video. The system can update the Map in real-time if blood vessels are deformed by instruments and guidewires or if other changes occur during surgery.

As well as the benefits of increased accuracy realised by showing up to date plans on screen in the operating room, Cydar Maps have been shown to significantly shorten procedure times (~20%) and reduce radiation exposure for the patient and clinical team (~50%). The software has universal application as it can be integrated easily with any existing operating room set-up, meeting all applicable compliance, regulatory and data protection standards.

The company can also rapidly and continually iterate and improve the product. An example is the recent launch of the “Intelligent Maps” feature, which automatically compares the anatomy of each patient with that of all patients in a global pool of real-world experience. This allows the clinical team to assess how each patient differs and plan an optimal patient specific procedure. The goal is to better understand how all the choices along the treatment pathway are likely to impact the outcome, to move to a world of AI informed predictive care.

In this way Cydar Medical is now able to bring the world’s experience to the fingertips of their clinicians, democratising access to best-in-class care.

As a cloud solution, the Cydar system enables clinicians and industry partners to collaborate remotely from any location with any device, for example, to provide real-time support during a procedure.  It also provides a compliant information sharing platform between separate hospital sites to enable rapid sharing of information where a patient is treated at different locations.

Over the past 18 months, the Company has entered several strategic partnerships to accelerate the adoption of the Cydar Maps solution by physicians globally, including a collaboration with Brainlab, a digital medical technology company, which sees Cydar Medical’s software integrated with Brainlab’s Buzz Digital Information Hub. The Company also entered into a strategic collaboration with leading medical technology company Medtronic, under which Cydar Medical’s AI solution will be combined with Medtronic’s services and case support at up to 40 new leading sites globally.

In February 2023, the Company successfully raised approximately ~£9.3m in a Series A funding round which has enabled the Company to continue to advance the capabilities of its pioneering AI surgical Maps platform and also bolster the Company’s ongoing commercial expansion.

“We are extremely pleased to have won this award, recognising Cydar’s progress and ambition to continue to advance the quality of patient care. Our recent product advancements demonstrate what is possible, with our latest product  feature comprising an AI tool that automatically assesses the success of an endovascular repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm by measuring the change in volume of the sac following the clinical procedure. We are excited about a future that will provide clinicians with simple ways to assess outcomes and track disease progression whilst our technology simultaneously allows us to develop analytics that will inform future patient care.”

Paul Mussenden, CEO – Cydar Medical

Company Profile

Cydar Medical is an AI technology company committed to advancing the quality of care of patients and is dedicated to partnering with healthcare organisations to remove the barriers of providing cost effective care at scale with financial prudence, whilst improving the working processes of clinical teams. Cydar Medical provides a cloud-based clinical platform and team of specialists to enable hospitals access to the full potential of clinical applications and data insights. Founded and operating within a global framework of industry regulatory compliance, its solutions combine the power and flexibility of cloud AI technologies with human expertise to assist smooth integration, adoption and ongoing support.

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