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LA Lakers legend invests in cardiology-as-a-service AI platform

Los Angeles Lakers all star player Pau Gasol is stepping onto a new court and investing in Spanish artificial intelligence (AI) company Idoven.

Idoven’s AI-powered cardiology-as-a-service platform is designed to support cardiologists and non-cardiology clinicians by identifying, triaging, and diagnosing patients at scale. The Platform as a Medical Device (PaMD) can analyse electrocardiogram (ECGs) of any size from multiple sources.

Speaking on his recent investment Gasol said: “As a former elite athlete, I know first-hand how important early detection and prevention can be to maintaining optimal health, especially when it comes to cardiovascular issues. I am thrilled to contribute with my expertise and knowledge, building a strong and successful team culture in a company which has the potential to save thousands of lives, as well as my network and reach to help Idoven scale at such a crucial phase of its growth.”

Gasol will join a long list of investors including AstraZeneca, Abbott, GE Healthcare, FIFPRO, Google, Santander, and the Real Madrid Foundation through his entity Gasol16 Ventures. He is now the second sports athlete to invest in the company, joining Spanish World Cup-winning goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

The latest investment round is led by Northzone and includes follow-on funding from Insight Partners, as well as contributions from previous investors, such as venture firm Hambro Perks, Spring Health co-founder Adam Chekroud, and Carto CEO Luis Sanz.

The funds will be used to accelerate the development and deployment of new solutions that influence Idoven’s core AI technology.

Idoven CEO Manuel Marina Breysse said: “It’s a true honour to count Pau Gasol, a revered global athlete, as an investor at Idoven. His participation in this new funding round couldn’t come at a better time. We’ll be using the investment to double down on product innovation and development, to expand into new markets, and to continue to attract team players among the most talented people we can find across the globe.”

Cardiovascular health has made headlines in the sports world recently following NFL Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin’s near-fatal collapse during a football game in January 2023.

A national TV audience watched Hamlin go into sudden cardiac arrest on the field after making a seemingly routine tackle. Medical experts concluded that Hamlin had experienced a rare but often lethal heart disruption known as commotio cordis.

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