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INOVIQ, ResearchDx sign agreement for EXO-NET technology

INOVIQ has reached a licence and supply agreement with ResearchDx for its EXO-NET exosome capture technology in the US.

The technology will be used for high-throughput exosome isolation, biomarker discovery and diagnostics development services in the country.

The current partnership is based on the earlier announced joint marketing agreement for EXO-NET technology and Promega Nucleic Acid purification systems in July this year.

Meanwhile, the roll-out of EXO-NET services in the US follows the launch of INOVIQ’s EXO-NET services from its laboratory in Australia.

This new agreement helps integrate ResearchDx’s proficiency in IVD diagnostics development and validation with INOVIQ’s EXO-NET technology and expertise in exosome capture tools and diagnostics.

As part of the agreement, US customers will receive contract research services from ResearchDx using the EXO-NET tools to meet their requirements related to exosome isolation, biomarker discovery and diagnostics development.

INOVIQ CEO Dr Leearne Hinch said: “ResearchDx is a key part of our strategy to expand INOVIQ’s EXO-NET exosome services in the USA. It builds on our established and successful contract research relationship with them for the development of our SubB2M tests.

“By partnering with ResearchDx, US customers now have access to a full range of EV isolation, biomarker discovery and diagnostic development services by a CAP and CLIA-accredited contract research organisation.

“This is an important, strategic move that enables us to provide high-quality EXO-NET services to customers in the US, Australia and elsewhere, expanding our revenue generation opportunities for EXO-NET.”

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