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DexCom launches connected CGM system with new AID feature

DexCom has initiated the Dexcom G6 Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (rt-CGM), which can connect with the Omnipod 5 automated insulin delivery (AID) System, in Germany.

Claimed to be the first and only CGM to connect to the AID System, Dexcom G6 protects users against high and low glucose levels.

Dexcom G6 was exclusively utilised in the clinical trials responsible for securing regulatory approval for Omnipod 5 in the US and Europe.

Leveraging a small, wearable sensor and transmitter, Dexcom G6 continuously measures and sends glucose levels to a smart device or receiver wirelessly, offering real-time glucose data to patients without scanning or pricking their fingers.

A study found that in very young children (aged 2 – 5.9 years) with type 1 diabetes, Dexcom G6 with Omnipod 5 led to significantly enhanced time in range and lowered HbA1c and time in hypoglycaemia (<70mg/dL).

The Dexcom CGM can also be integrated with the Tandem t:slim X2 and Ypsomed mylife YpsoPump insulin pumps, various digital health apps such as Happy Bob, Glooko and Sugarmate, as well as the latest lifestyle devices from Garmin.

Dexcom EMEA and LATAM general manager and senior vice-president Alex Moussa said: “Dexcom has supported more than 50 studies around the world, ranging from early academic projects to increasingly sophisticated trials in collaboration with industry partners, safely powering AID systems for over one million patient-years of cumulative use.

“Our CGM systems were the first to enable industry-leading connectivity and we now link with over 60 connected partners worldwide.”

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