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Baylor Genetics launches Neurodevelopmental Disorders Panel

Baylor Genetics has introduced a new Neurodevelopmental Disorders Panel for the diagnosis of patients with intellectual disabilities or developmental delays.

The new test is intended for children and other patients who may have autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, or developmental delay, whether suspected or clinically confirmed.

It can analyse a clinically curated and targeted set of 236 genes, allowing healthcare providers and patients to obtain a precise genetic diagnosis and gain improved insights into prognosis and expected disease progression.

The panel uses an exome backbone that can extract a specific subset of genes for clinical reporting.

This allows for the identification of single nucleotide variants, insertions and deletions, as well as copy number variants with high read depths.

Healthcare providers can opt for a whole exome sequencing precision diagnostic test if panel results are negative, enabling a wider analysis to attain a genetic diagnosis.

Baylor Genetics president and CEO Kengo Takishima said: “As a trusted partner, Baylor Genetics is committed to helping clinicians serve their patients better by providing data-driven genetic information that is reliable, fast and actionable.

“Our new Neurodevelopmental Disorders Panel is part of a comprehensive menu and growing portfolio of tests that reflect our continued focus on scientific excellence, ease of use and collaboration.”

The company also offers a whole-genome sequencing precision diagnostic test for better treatment guidance.

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